Yoga at home: 4 essential tips

Yoga at home: 4 essential tips

Initial advice to do Yoga at home

An advice. Put them into practice even if you think they are not so important, or even if you think they can cause you an instant death, such as putting the phone in airplane mode. Preparing to do Yoga at home is almost as important as the practice itself.

1. Comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily, whether you do Yoga at home or outside. Of course avoid narrow jeans, but also stay away from very baggy clothes. Imagine that you have to pass the left arm over the head, towards the right side, and it gives you a supermanga that does not fit the arm. It is annoying.

Take off everything that is not your clothes: watch, rings … If you can take off your glasses, better, because there are postures that can make you slip. If not, nothing happens.

If you do not want to take off a very special ring or pendant, do not do it, but look at it this way: if you take it off before the session, and at the end you put it back on, you will be thinking about it at least twice, breaking the routine of always carrying it, and never remembering.

2. Personal Yoga space at home

Have enough space to do the exercises, and a little more so as not to feel imprisoned when you bend your legs or stretch your arms, as a WideMat offers you. With much more reason if you decide to live this process of self-knowledge (that is Yoga in essence) with a companion, either regularly or occasionally.

Much better if it is always the same place, which will become your place to do Yoga at home, even if you do not miss the opportunity to live new experiences. For example, try doing it on the beach. Of course, keep in mind that to practice calmly, it would be convenient to be early in the morning.

This space would be good if it had a good atmosphere. That is, the good thing about Yoga at home is that you can decorate your space as you prefer. Take advantage that it is you who chooses the light, maybe some candles, or the smell: you can have the usual air freshener or a special one for your personal Yoga space at home, which would be very interesting because your subconscious will learn to associate that smell with the tranquility and inner peace you feel when you practice Yoga at home.

You can use a trick that many friends of mine love. Do you know those sticks that go halfway in a perfume bottle, and when it starts to go the smell you turn them around? You can carry one of those sticks in your bag, and if you’re in a stressful situation, you smell it. Maybe secretly if you’re ashamed to look a bit odd, or between client and client, or … when you see. The result is that you will experience again the sensations of when you are doing Yoga at home.

Finally, we have all had neighbors who seem to enjoy doing works, or a family member who is listening to music not exactly ideal to be able to do Yoga at home, or TV. The music to do Yoga is usually soft, not very loud, so if you continue to hear the neighbor, it is best to go to a pharmacy and buy earplugs, which will help you keep calm and be free of noise while you do yoga

3. Reserve time for Yoga

Find a time of day when you can be calm and reserve it for yourself. If you are aware that the practice of Yoga can create an impact on your life, on a daily basis, you will understand that the ideal is to choose a moment of the day that is especially yours, for Yoga and the preparation to do Yoga at home It can become the beginning of your ritual.

That moment can be when you get up (Greeting to the Sun), at sunset, at night (Greeting to the Moon, Yoga Nidra) or when you see. We understand that during the week it is more difficult to do it when you get up, but on the weekend, it is the best!

4. Focus on the quality of the exercises

If for whatever reason you have less time, do fewer exercises or fewer repetitions of each one, do not go in a hurry. Take your time. It is better to do five well-done repetitions of two exercises, than five of three running. In addition, the rush carries the implicit message that it is a mere procedure that you have to overcome as soon as possible, when Yoga is to know each other better, to be in union with oneself and with the Universe, and it takes time. What’s more, it deserves your time.

In addition, little by little you will get used to putting your whole heart in the little things in life, which add up and can change you completely. You will take advantage of the time better than most people. Seizing the time is not that you are a working machine, superproductive, but what you do, you will do well because you will have greater ability to concentrate.

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