20 tips to lose weight effectively

10 tips to lose weight effectively

Lose weight, feel better than ever physically and emotionally with the next 10 tips we have for you to beat the balance once and for all and forever!


2.Bind more

You can divide these minutes into several sessions. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or cycle to work, play with your kids! If you want to start a more intensive exercise program, you should first talk to your doctor.

3.Eat balanced

Refer to Canada’s Food Guide, which is an excellent source of advice for a balanced diet. Whenever possible, include protein, fruits or vegetables and starchy foods in all your meals.

4.Reduce your portions

Eat smaller portions, but more often, three small meals and one or two snacks a day. This will allow you to better control your hunger.

8. Reduce your alcohol consumption

Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories. In general, it is recommended that women consume a maximum of 10 drinks a week (at most, 2 drinks a day), and that men consume a maximum of 15 (at most, 3 drinks a day).

9. Learn to detect harmful foods

This is the case, for example, deli meats, sweets, soft drinks, etc. Prefer fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks when you have a craving.

10.Entourez you

Your friends and family are your best allies. Trust them in the most difficult times.


10 simple ways to lose weight effectively and healthily

Lose weight, feel better than ever physically and emotionally with the next 15 tips we have for you to beat the balance once and for all and forever!

Losing weight, gaining health and good mood today is possible. Luckily for us, diets have evolved in such a way that it is no longer even appropriate to call them “diet” or “regimen.” These classic words, so installed in women’s vocabulary, are now replaced by eating well, eating healthy, eat properly. Extreme diets are completely out, and the current trend is not only to be at the ideal weight, but also to feel good and with the best energy. Before starting to eat well and leaving aside some foods, you should consider that all bodies work differently, and above all you should keep in mind that food is to give us health and well-being. Do you want to achieve the perfect balance between your weight and your health? Then read carefully below!

1. Forget about diets

Just proposing yourself to start a certain diet will make you anxious and in a bad mood. Do not diets, do not stop eating, it is proven that the worst and most difficult way to lose weight is by doing a certain diet. Therefore, all those diets type “3 kilos in 5 days,” “the protein,” or whatever, throw it away, since they are not healthy or really effective for your body and health.

2. Do not go hungry

Eating better and improving your quality of life is not synonymous with going hungry. One thing is to be full of food, another very different is to be “good” after eating. The idea is that you may be able to endure for at least three or four hours without eating, without thinking about the hunger you have all day.

3. Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is a big mistake if you want to lose weight. This will only make you feel more hungry, and your metabolism will not be working properly. It is proven that eating four to five times a day, in a proportionate and healthy way, increases your metabolism and accelerates the loss of accumulated fat. The body is wise, if you do not give them enough food and you let them go hungry, it feels like it is a time of scarcity and keeps reserves, leaving fat burning.

4. Treat yourself

Believe it or not, it is more than allowed and it is favorable in losing weight to give you a taste. Many times it happens that the body gets used to a diet, without sugar or fat, so if you go out once a week with some taste in food you will be disorienting the body, which will help you burn more calories and lower more than weight. The idea is that you give yourself a treat once a week in one of the main meals of the day.

5. Eat more slowly

Try to make the amount of food feel more than it is. For this, a good technique is to eat slowly and consciously chew each bite. This will help you feel more satiety and enjoy what you eat calmly.

6. Do sports or some physical activity

It is not a novelty for anyone that physical activity not only helps you lose weight, but also improves your mood and overall health. Anyway, start moving at least three times a week. Find some activity that you like and that suits you. Physical activity is essential to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, not only does it take away your anxiety and tone your body, but it is also an excellent incentive.

7. Drink more water

Ideally, drink a liter and a half or two liters of water a day, depending on your weight and the physical activity you do. But it is very important that you are aware of hydrating your body throughout the day. This will undoubtedly help you eliminate fluid, lose weight and significantly improve your digestion.

8. Sleep more and better

Scientific studies have proven that more and better sleep is directly related to weight loss. The reason is associated with the metabolism responding better if we have slept enough hours. In addition, sleeping a little more and having good sleep quality helps considerably reduce anxiety.

9. Eat hot food

Many times, when eating less we only eat cold salads, and this usually does not always feel like a real or satisfying meal. If your thing is to eat something warm, bet on steamed vegetables plus some protein. This is ideal for people who don’t like salads very much. When eating hot vegetables, you forget that you are eating salads.

10. Measure your portions

As we have already mentioned, the idea is to eat well and not stop eating. This is why portion sizes are so important. If you want to lose weight, reduce your carbohydrate portions to less than one cup, as well as fat portions per day. At the same time, it increases the portions of vegetables and proteins. Remember not to stop eating legumes once a week, in the right portions, which would be like a small cereal pot.

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