The steps of a good facial care routine

The steps of a good facial care routine

In terms of facials, it is not always easy to navigate when it comes to knowing how to pamper our pretty face. What products to use, and then, in what order and how should they be applied? Do not panic! I have prepared a beauty roadmap for an easy and effective facial care routine. Follow the guide!

Step 1: Clean

Use a cleanser suited to your age and skin type. A teenager with oily skin prone to imperfections will have different needs than a mature woman with thin skin and dry. Evaluate the needs of your skin to choose the proper cleanser.

A purifying cleanser is beneficial for most skin types, at least a few times a week, maybe even every day. It removes impurities encrusted in the skin to make it clean and refined.

Pro Tip: Cleansing wipes are handy, but do not clean thoroughly. Be sure to clean properly after removing excess makeup with the wipe.

I like: IDC Pearl Gel Cleanser. It removes excess sebum, deep cleanses pores and removes dead cells. Your skin will be revitalized.

Step 2: Toning the skin

Those who do not use tonic lotion do not usually understand the important role of this product. Thanks to this one, the cleaning is complete. The lotion removes all traces of cleanser and impurity while rebalancing the pH of the skin, which is 5.5. The pH of the water can reach 9.5 depending on where you live and the hardness of the water. After cleaning, the pH of the skin is no longer balanced; your skin must work hard to correct it. But the tonic lotion restores the pH as soon as you apply it, soothing the skin.

Pro Tip: Apply tonic lotion to the entire face by dabbing. Never rub your skin when applying the toner as it may irritate it.

I love: Nuxe’s ​​gentle tonic lotion with rose petals. This fresh and alcohol-free lotion is enriched with floral water extracts of rose petals. It tones the skin to perfection, instantly revealing the brightness of the complexion.

Step 3: Hydrate

Morning and evening, you must restore the moisture of your skin to keep it fresh, soft and comfortable. There are all kinds of moisturizers, from light lotions to rich balms. However, most skin reacts well to a formula that retains moisture.

Pro Tip: Daily hydration does not stop at the chin! When applying your day cream, remember to go down to the neck, and go to the neckline. Indeed, the skin in this place is sensitive like that of the face and it is often visible, therefore subject to the same aggressions.

I like: Hydra-sealant cream from IDC. This care seals the hydration. It protects the skin from dehydration and preserves its softness and suppleness.


To properly clean your face twice a day, daily:

Wash your hands well.
Pour some cleaner into the palm, then rub your hands gently together to warm the cleaner and produce a creamy lather.
Gently do circular movements with your fingers to massage your face and clean it. This massage will activate the blood circulation, which will purify your complexion and improve its radiance.
Rinse your face thoroughly with clear, lukewarm water.
Dry the skin by tapping it with a clean, soft towel.
Apply a toning lotion with a clean cotton swab. Do not rinse. Your skin is now ready to enjoy the benefits of your moisturizer day or night!
Skin without impurity will enhance your beauty. A good cleaning routine is the key to a flawless complexion. You have questions? Leave them in comment and above all, do not hesitate to consult your beauty consultant Brunet, who will help you find the products that suit you best!

The 2 essential steps for a good beauty routine

Over the years it is important to take care of ourselves with more care and have a good daily beauty routine. It is also essential to know our own skin well, since not all creams or all treatments work the same for us all.

If you want to be radiant from head to toe, it is important that you follow these steps in your daily care.


Before applying any facial treatment, it is very important to clean the skin. We must get used to using a cleansing milk twice a day. One at night, to remove all makeup and let the skin breathe, and again when we get up.

What product should I use?

Depending on your skin type, you will have some needs or others. Therefore, if your skin is normal or dry, we recommend a gentle cleansing milk, such as Weleda, or the Life-giving Tonic Lotion, since it is perfect for all skin types to not dry and purify the skin instantly.

For normal skins with oily tendency or mixed skins, the Cleansing Lotion 2 in 1 is ideal, which cleans and tones in one step. And if your skin is sensitive, the Soft Almond Cleanser suits you.


Once we have cleansed the skin, we can already apply our usual treatment. In the morning, you must use a day cream and another for the eye contour, while at night we will suffice with the night cream, although over the years it is advisable to use more intensive and specific treatments such as serums .

If we notice that our skin is more dry than usual, we will opt for an intensive revitalizing treatment. The Rosehip Smoothing Mask provides hydration at the moment and attenuates the first wrinkles.

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